Post-doctoral contract: Interpretable transformers

The LST team of the LIUM laboratory is recruiting a post-doctoral researcher in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and more particularly in End-to-end interpretable classification systems and interpretable transformers.
Starting date : as soon as possible for the candidate.
Duration : 12 months
Salary : Env. 2,2k euros/month net
This work will be part of the DIGING ANR project
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Artificial Intelligence for extracting semantic information from speech

Master 1 internship
Supervisors: Nathalie Camelin, Antoine Laurent
Hosting labs: LIUM (Laboratoire d’Informatique de l’Université du Mans)
Place: Le Mans Université
Beginning of internship : April 2024
Keywords: Detection of named entities, Topic Modeling, Neural approaches
Application: Send a CV, a covering letter relevant to the proposed subject before December 15, 2023 ► Read more

Perti'SAM - Design and development of a web application for decision support during prescription appropriateness reviews to limit iatrogenic drug use

Supervisors: Elsa Jouhanneau-Treton (CHM), Valérie Renault (CREN), Nathalie Camelin (LIUM), Catherine Cléder (CREN)
Hosting labs: Centre Hospitalier du Mans - Le Mans Université, laboratoires CREN and LIUM
Place: Le Mans
Starting date: Mars 2024
Contact :,,,
Application: Send a CV, a covering letter relevant to the proposed subject, your grades for the last two years of study and the possibility of attaching letters of recommendation to all the supervisors, before December 18, 2023 ► Read more