Seminar from Anthony Larcher, professor at LIUM


Date: 15/10/2021
Time: 11h00
Localization: IC2 Boardroom, online
Speakert: Anthony Larcher

How the research works


This technical seminar aims to discuss practices around the management of research projects (from submission to reporting), the publication process of scientific articles (submission, review). We will also discuss the ethical and legal aspects related to the treatment of personal data, in particular the drafting of a “data management plan” when accepting a research project.

As research projects can be very fundamental or very applied (close to the final product), we will present the nomenclature (TRL) allowing to classify the project. Computer science research today tends to emphasize the importance of the reproducibility of experiments: availability of code and data. Finally, we will discuss the bibliographic indicators, their limits and their impact on the career of researchers.