Robustness of speaker recognition systems: additive noise, reverberation, and linguistic content variabilities

Seminar from Aran Mohammadamini, Postdoctoral fellow at LIUM   Date: 05/04/2024 Time: 10h15 Localization: IC2, Boardroom Speaker: Mohammad Mohammadamini     Robustness of speaker recognition systems: additive noise, reverberation, and linguistic content variabilities   Speaker recognition systems authenticate the identity of speakers from their speech utterances. In order to authenticate the identity of a claimed […]

Recrutement : thèse sur l’évaluation de la voix synthétique

Optimizing Human Intervention for Synthetic Speech Quality Evaluation: Active Learning for Adaptability Supervisor: Anthony Larcher (direction) and Meysam Shamsi Host team: LIUM – LST Localization: Le Mans Contact: meysam.shamsi(at)   Context : The primary objective of Text-to-Speech (TTS), speech conversion and speech to speech translation system is to synthesize or generate a high-quality speech signal. […]

Traduction automatique de la parole en pictogrammes pour faciliter la communication de personnes en situation de handicap langagier

Seminar from Cécile Macaire, PhD student in the GETALP team at the LIG   Date: 22/03/2024 Time: 10h15 Localization: IC2, Boardroom Speaker: Cécile Macaire     Automatic translation of speech into pictograms to facilitate communication for people with language disabilities   When a person’s language skills (speech production and comprehension, reading, writing) are impaired or […]


Thinking Franco-German relations (PereFRALL)Date: 09/2023 – 08/2024Funding: AutresCall: Amorçage interdisciplinaire MSH Ange-GuépinPartners: Centre de Recherche sur les identités, les Nations et l’Interculturalité (CRINI) (France)URL: Participant(s): Jane WottawaSummary When we think of Franco-German relations, it is clear that they are not described in the same terms on either side of the Rhine. While the figure […]

Contrat post-doctoral : transformers interprétables

Interpretable transformers Supervisor: Nicolas Dugué, Maître de conférences Host team : LIUM – LST Localization : Le Mans Contact : Nicolas.Dugue(at)   Context : The ANR DIGING project. Recent approaches to learning lexical embeddings have focused on results, often to the detriment of interpretability and algorithmic complexity. However, interpretability and interaction with the results produced […]


Corpus: ALLIES (Corpus ALLIES)Author(s): Anthony LarcherMartin LebourdaisMarie TahonThe ALLIES Corpus was produced within the European CHIST-Era project ALLIES. The ALLIES project enabled to carry out a campaign for the evaluation of Broadcast News across time diarization systems using French data. This project is an extension of the previous ESTER, REPERE and ETAPE evaluation campaigns that […]

Annotation et classification automatique de la terminalité pour la description des interruptions dans les contenus de médias audiovisuels

Seminar from Aghilas Sini (LIUM)   Date: 24/01/2024 Time: 14h00 Localization: IC2, Boardroom Speaker: Rémi Uro     Automatic annotation and classification of terminology for the description of interruptions in audiovisual media content   In order to better understand the mechanisms involved in managing speaking turns and interruptions in audiovisual media content, an annotation was […]

Soutenance de thèse : Valentin Pelloin

PhD defence, Valentin Pelloin Date : 24/01/2024 Time : 9h30 Location : Le Mans Université; IC2 buiding Auditorium   Title: Spoken language understanding in human-computer dialogue systems in the era of pre-trained models   Jury members : Christophe CERISARA, Researcher, LORIA, Nancy, Reviewer Benoit FAVRE, Professor, LIS, Marseille, Reviewer Géraldine DAMNATI, Research Engineer, Orange Labs, […]