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Adrien Bardet

PhD student

LST ( Le Mans )

(+33) 02 43 83 38 56


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LIUM Publications - 7

[1]Adrien Bardet, Fethi Bougares, Loïc Barrault. A Study on Multilingual Transfer Learning in Neural Machine Translation: Finding the Balance Between Languages. Statistical Language and Speech Processing (SLSP 2019), Oct 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia. pp.59-70, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-31372-2_5⟩. <hal-02435899>
[2]Fethi Bougares, Jane Wottawa, Anne Baillot, Loïc Barrault, Adrien Bardet. LIUM’s Contributions to the WMT2019 News Translation Task: Data and Systems for German-French Language Pairs. Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Machine Translation (Volume 2: Shared Task Papers, Day 1), Aug 2019, Florence, France. pp.129-133, ⟨10.18653/v1/W19-5307⟩. <hal-02405788>
[3]Adrien Bardet, Bougares Fethi, Loïc Barrault. Étude de l’apprentissage par transfert de systèmes de traduction automatique neuronaux. TALN 2019, Jul 2019, Toulouse, France. <hal-02436510>
[4]Ozan Caglayan, Adrien Bardet, Fethi Bougares, Loïc Barrault, Kai Wang, et al.. LIUM-CVC Submissions for WMT18 Multimodal Translation Task. Third Conference on Machine Translation, Oct 2018, Brussels, Belgium. pp.597 - 602, ⟨10.18653/v1/W18-64065⟩. <hal-02498133>
[5]Mercedes Garcia-Martinez, Ozan Caglayan, Walid Aransa, Adrien Bardet, Fethi Bougares, et al.. LIUM Machine Translation Systems for WMT17 News Translation Task. Second Conference on Machine Translation, 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark. pp.288 - 295. <hal-01742378>
[6]Ozan Caglayan, Mercedes Garcia-Martinez, Adrien Bardet, Walid Aransa, Fethi Bougares, et al.. NMTPY: A Flexible Toolkit for Advanced Neural Machine Translation Systems. The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics, De Gruyter, 2017, 109 (1), ⟨10.1515/pralin-2017-0035⟩. <hal-01647873>
[7]Ozan Caglayan, Walid Aransa, Adrien Bardet, Mercedes Garcia-Martinez, Fethi Bougares, et al.. LIUM-CVC Submissions for WMT17 Multimodal Translation Task. SECOND CONFERENCE ON MACHINE TRANSLATION, 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark. pp.432 - 439. <hal-01742382>