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Justine Carpentier

LST ( Le Mans )



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Project(s): CapDiff



I come from Nord Pas-de-Calais where I did part of my higher education. I graduated from the IUT Mesures Physiques de Lille. As a musician and a science lover, I quickly wondered during my lessons at the conservatory how sound could change from one room to another and from one instrument to another. From there came my attraction for acoustics. So I joined the ENSIM from which I graduated in 2014. After travelling a bit I came back to Le Mans to start a PhD in automobile aeroacoustics. I needed to deepen my knowledge and see if the research was right for me. It seems obvious to me to continue my professional career in research but rather in applied research. I also really appreciated the opportunity to give courses during my doctorate. Besides that I am passionate about ethology and more particularly about underwater bioacoustics and many other things about nature, the world and science.