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Madeth May


IEIAH ( Le Mans )

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Project(s): SituLearn, écri+



I have a PhD in Computer Sciences and specialize in Technology Enhanced Learning. Graduated from INSA-Lyon (France) in 2009, my work from the past five years involved in fundamental research and R&D projects.

I’m currently a full-time associate professor at the University of Maine-Le Mans. I give lectures at ENSIM (Engineering School) and at the Faculty of Computer Sciences. More on my teaching activities can be found here. I conduct my research works at LIUM research lab. My research interests cover E-learning, Learning Analytics, Human-Computer Interactions, User Experience (UX) and Web Intelligence.

My professional career over the past ten years has included Innovation Financial Consultant at Optinnove, Head of Research and Development at MobiTourism, and Assistant Professor at the department of Industrial Engineering of INSA Lyon.

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LIUM Publications - 20

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[3]Albane Gril, Madeth May, Valérie Renault, Sébastien George. A comparative analysis of approaches to design and capitalize data indicators. 18th International Conference Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age, Oct 2021, Virtual, Portugal. <hal-03463835>
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