Joint, fast, and effective building of multilingual systems for speech recognition and synthesis

Starting: 15/03/2016
PhD Student: Kevin Vythelingum
Advisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)
Co-advisor(s): Anthony Larcher (LIUM, LST) & Olivier Rosec (Voxygen)
Funding: CIFRE (Voxygen)

Speech technology development was split through a few reseach centers, each working on a small number of languages. The problem of fast development of new languages was actually posed relatively late. This issue is now considered strategic by industry, the rapid enrichment of a catalogue of languages naturally contribute to open new markets. The main target of this work is the definition, development and implementation of a language development process for speech recognition and synthesis. The aim is to pool as much as possible the developments and resources needed to create a new language.