Analysis and automatic evaluation of the dental surgery gesture in a virtual training environment

Starting: 01/10/2022
PhD Student: Mohamed Nail Hefied
Advisor(s): Sebastien GEORGE
Co-advisor(s): Ludovic HAMON
Funding: ANR

The subject of this thesis is the design and implementation of models and tools for the automatic evaluation of dental surgery gestures according to the observation and analysis needs of practitioners. These gestures are analyzed from the movements captured by the teachers and learners, and rendered in 3D within the virtual simulator Virteasy developed by the company HRV. The subject of this thesis is part of the ANR EVAGO project on the instrumentation of virtual simulators for learning assistance and training in Odontology. It takes place in the context of a collaboration between the LIUM laboratory (carrier), the HRV company, the Faculty of Dental Surgery of Nantes, the RMeS laboratory and the University Hospital Pole PHU4 and the Educational Research Center of Nantes (CREN).