Seminar from Olivier Crouzet (LLING)


Date: 24/11/2023
Time: 10h00
Localization: IC2, Boardroom
Speaker: Olivier Crouzet

Perception of speech and music through a cochlear implant or simulations of cochlear implants (channel vocoders): Principles of operation, sound illustrations and perceptual data


The cochlear implant is a special type of hearing aid designed to partially compensate for the consequences of so-called conductive deafness. It is implanted surgically and directly stimulates the auditory nerve fibres via electrical pulses in people with deafness that would be difficult to compensate for using conventional hearing aids.

We will present the general principles of the channel vocoder that underlie the invention of the cochlear implant, as well as acoustic simulations that make it possible to concretise the nature and properties of the stimuli that can be heard by the people concerned, but which are also widely used in current research to study the mechanisms of perceptual processing of this information.

Finally, we will present a selection of data from the literature and some aspects of our current projects concerning the perception of speech or music and the current limitations of these devices.


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