NéoDate: 02/2018 – 01/2020Funding: RFI AltanStic 2020Call: Amorçage, Défis scientifique 2017Partners: Laboratoire ERIC (France), CRTT (France)URL: https://lium.univ-lemans.fr/en/neo/LIUM Participant(s): Nicolas DuguéNathalie CamelinNeo is an interdisciplinary digital humanities research project aiming at the semi-automatic detection and analysis of contemporary neology. It results from the convergence of new language practices of the modern web (creation of new words […]


Autonomous Lifelong Learning IntelligEnt Systems (ALLIES)Date: 12/2017 – 03/2022Funding: EU H2020Call: chist-eraPartners: IDIAP (Switzerland), UPC (Span), LNE (France)URL: https://projets-lium.univ-lemans.fr/alliesLIUM Participant(s): Anthony LarcherLoïc BarraultFethi BougaresSylvain MeignierYevhenii ProkopaloMeysam ShamsiThe goal of the ALLIES project is to encourage and demonstrate the development of autonomous systems, able to sustain performance across time according to a given learning scenario. A […]