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Ludovic Hamon


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Project(s): EVAGO



Since 2014, Ludovic HAMON is associate professor at “IUT de Laval”, Le Mans Université, France. In July 2011, he received his PhD in automation and applied computer science at Université d’Angers, by working at LISA Laboratory (EA 4094).  This laboratory merged with the LASQUO laboratory (EA 3858) to create the LARIS laboratory (EA 7315) in January 2014. From September 2012 to August 2014, he worked in the EXPRESSION team at the IRISA institute (UMR 6074). He conducts his research at the LIUM laboratory (computer science laboratory of Le Mans Université). His main fields of interest are: the manual or automatic analysis of data coming from new interaction paradigms in VEHL (Virtual Environment for Human Learning); modelling and analysis of human motions in learning situations; and contributions of virtual and augmented environments in the same context.


  • Learning of manual gestures and motions in real or virtual environments
  • Virtual, augmented and mixed environments for human learning
  • Game mechanics


  • Relational databases (DUT INFO1 & INFO2)
  • C++ and C# languages (DUT INFO2)


  • In charge of students internships DUT INFO2 (IUT)
  • Monitor Calls for Research Projects


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HAL Publications Hal

LIUM Publications - 14

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