Autonomous lifelong learning intelligent systems

Starting: 01/09/2018
PhD Student: Yevhenii Prokopalo
Advisor(s): Anthony Larcher
Co-advisor(s): Loic Barrault
Funding: Chist-ERA

The goal of the ALLIES project is to encourage and demonstrate the development of autonomous systems, able to sustain performance across time according to a given learning scenario. A learning scenario defines the importance given to the performance on “past” and “present” data in the optimization (or evaluation) process. By setting the learning scenario, a human supervisor (HS) allows or forbids the system to forget. In ALLIES, an autonomous system is fully unsupervised, incrementally adapting its models but also their structure to learn or forget events according to the given learning scenario and data that it automatically collects across time. Current unsupervised systems optimize their performance for a single set of data. After ALLIES, autonomous systems will optimize their performance across time by considering together past and present data.