Clustering and Classification on a Corpus in Specialty Language (C3LS)

Date: 11/2017 - 10/2019
Funding: Autres
Call: SNCF
Partners: SNCF (France)

LIUM Participant(s):
User PicNathalie Camelin
User PicNicolas Dugué

The SNCF group is currently undergoing a digital transformation and is increasingly turning to technologies that could use Natural Language Processing (NLP). Business documentation is currently undergoing a major transformation, with businesses that are digitising themselves, becoming more mobile and with new ways of consuming information. Various internal projects have helped to initiate a transition to digital, to find the right information at the right time. Beyond the digitisation of documents, the question arises of new intelligent systems for access to content, interpretation and data entry. The aim of the project is to identify, design and evaluate solutions that can enrich current digital documentation initiatives. The fields of application are writing assistance, information retrieval and navigation in text content.