Contrat postdoctoral: Development of autonomous systems


Host Laboratory : LIUM, équipe LST,
Site : Le Mans University, France
Supervisors : Anthony Larcher (LIUM), Loïc Barrault (University of Sheffield)
Duration : One-year contract, Starting date : asap, end of January 2020 at the latest

Keywords : Deep Learning, lifelong, autonomous systems, unsupervised learning, active-learning, interactive-learning, evaluation


The LST team from LIUM (Le Mans University) is focusing on autonomous system’s behavior for the task of speaker diarization and machine translation. The ALLIES project (European Chist-ERA collaborative project) aims at developing evaluation protocols, metrics and scenarios for lifelong learning autonomous systems. The goal is to enable auto-adaptable systems that can also autoevaluate in order to sustain their performance across time. Autonomous systems can rely on human domain experts via active and interactive learning processes to be define within the ALLIES project.


1. Develop an autonomous system for speaker diarization by integrating lifelong learning, active and interactive learning components. The research work will be related to some of the following topics:

  • unsupervised adaptation
  • unsupervised evaluation
  • active learning (based on the unsupervised evaluation process, the autonomous system is free to require additional knowledge from the human domain expert)
  • Interactive learning (a human domain expert provides specific knowledge to the autonomous system. This information must be taken into account by the system)

Performance will be analyzed using protocols, metrics and scenarios developed for the ALLIES project.


2. Participation to the ALLIES benchmarking evaluation for speaker diarization.

  • During the ALLIES project, LIUM is organizing two international evaluation campaigns (one for Speaker Diarization jointly organized with Albayzin and the second one for Machine Translation jointly with WMT)
  • The benchmarking evaluation will serve to validate approaches developed during the post-doc


3. Dissemination
The research will be published in the major conferences and journals

Expected competences:

  • Phd in Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Experience in speech processing is positive
  • Python fluent
  • familiar with a deep learning toolkit (Pytorch, TensorFlow)

Salary : 2 365,14€ (after taxes)

Application contact : Anthony Larcher ( and Loïc Barrault (

ALLIES website: