Modeling and analysis of motions and technical gestures in virtual environment for learning and training

Starting: 01/10/2018
PhD Student: Jean Delest D. DJADJA
Advisor(s): Sébastien George (LIUM - IEIAH)
Co-advisor(s): Ludovic Hamon (LIUM - IEIAH)
Funding: Bourse Ministérielle

Our work regards the learning of technical gestures in Virtual Environments (VE) by learners and evaluated by teachers. We propose a method for  extracting motions performed by the body parts and the manipulated objects in VE based on the use of CheckPoints (CPs) i.e. simple 3D geometrical shapes (sphere and cube) delimiting the beginning, the end and the intermediate steps of the motion to learn. We propose a module called MEVEL (Motion Evaluation in Virtual Environment for Learning) in which the proposed method is implemented. Thanks to this module, the teacher can evaluate the learner by making a comparison of their gestures, based on cinematic and geometric features of the motion and on the respect of the protocol. We evaluated the proposed system through several experiments involving various tasks such as throwing a dart, pool shooting, and writing a letter. The results showed a diversity in the choice of the objects of interest whose motion had to be imitated for the “learner”part, but also in the shape and the number of CPs to be created for the “teacher” part. For the”learner” part, a second experimentation is in progress in which the gestures and the protocol necessary to the realization of a dilution in biology must be learned. Dilution is the action of adding a liquid to a solution to decrease its concentration. Because of the various dangerous or unstable solutions handled in the laboratory, the dilution process is a complex task that involves a set of accurate and well-defined gestures following a strict protocol. The objective of this experiment is to evaluate the impact of gestural and procedural skills on learning in this context.




List of publications

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