Date: 01/2018 - 06/2019
Funding: Google
Call: Digital News Innovation Funding
Partners: Deutsche Welle, Latvian News Agency, Priberam

The NEWS-BRIDGE project will build a commercially exploitable integrated tool with a complete workflow using language technologies to facilitate and enhance multilingual news production. This tool provides for a full broadcast news translation system, rendering existing audio, video and text news content in any of the languages supported by the various external tools for transcription, translation, voice synthesis and summarization in a variety of forms and automation applications. It combines different technologies, including speech-to-text, machine translation, text-to-speech and automated summarization. It allows for customization towards the clients, offering the user the option to get the audio of online video content into their language of choice, either as a voice-over or as subtitles by a simple mouseclick. The challenges are a smooth flow between the different components and technologies, adding punctuation and an enhanced editing facility, as well as synchronization of the transcribed text with video output. Incorporating various external language processing tools offers the advantage that state-of-the-art, constantly improved technology is used.