The LIUM at the European Researchers’ Night

Date: 29/09/2023
Time: de 18h to midnight
Localization: Les Quinconces

Come and talk to researchers from LIUM’s Language and Speech Technology team and find out how Artificial Intelligence works through various demonstrations.

** 6pm-Midnight: Demonstrations in the “Grand Labo”, Exhibition Hall (Nathalie Camelin, Antoine Laurent, Thibault Gaudier, Elias Okat, Martin Lebourdais, Théo Mariotte
Title : AI: when reality meets sci-fi?

Summary : Artificial intelligences are increasingly present in our lives. Yesterday, they were able to win at chess thanks to their speed and calculating capacity. Today, it’s no longer enough to make calculations: AIs are asked to “act like humans”: recognise objects, hold a conversation, translate children’s stories or answer questions. Does this imitation of human behaviour indicate real intelligence?

** 19h-20h30 Flash conference, petit forum (Jane Wottawa)
Title: Our multi-language future

Summary : Globalisation and the migration of individuals, but also of peoples, are leading to increasing multilingualism. This development is particularly noticeable in the West, where multilingualism was long seen as a rarity.
In this session, we will look at the issue of multilingualism in individuals and communities and its impact on languages.

** 21h : Radio ALPA : EscALPAde, petit théatre (Anthony Larcher)

Interview with the Director of the Institut Claude Chappe

** 21h15-22h45 : Bet on the future!, petit théatre (Sylvain Meignier and Dominique Py)

The principle of this game is to initiate discussions around images showing a more or less realistic future. LIUM researchers have chosen images from Science Fiction films/books illustrating the technological singularity: the tipping point between Artificial Intelligences created and controlled by Man; and the birth of the self-improving Supra-Intelligence. Have the humanoid robots of yesterday’s science fiction films become reality?

The full programme here