Café Thèse : dans Baltimore il y a AI

There’s AI in Baltimore Thibault Gaudier and Valentin Pelloin present their work done during the JSALT workshop at JHU in Baltimore during a café-thèse, on Le Mans campus. This stay was carried out within the framework of the project ESPERANTO. In 2023, the JSALT workshop will be organized in Le Mans.    

Fête de la science

The LIUM present at the Science Fair Date: 15 and 16 october 2022 Time: 10h00 – 18h00 Location: Le Mans (Abbaye de l’Epau) and Laval (Laval Virtual Center) More information and complet programme in Sarthe and in Mayenne   In Le Mans : AI and climate change: incompatible? The LIUM is specialized in the automatic […]

LST half-day

LST day   On October 6th, the day of the LST team takes place. On this occasion, researchers – the young and the more experienced – present their research themes.  

Le LIUM à la Nuit Européenne des Chercheur.e.s

The LIUM at the European Researchers’ Night Date: 30/09/2022 Time: de 18h to midnight Localization: Les Quinconces See the Complet programme THE UNEXPECTED IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS Artificial intelligence is present in our daily lives. These technologies based on learning models from data allow machines to perform complex tasks. We believe that machines and their […]

Assemblée Générale du LIUM

Assemblée Générale du LIUM Date: 7/07/2022 Heure: 10h Lieu: Salle de réunion CERIUM Laval et ZoomCette année, l’assemblée générale du LIUM c’est faite sur le site de Laval suivi de démos des projets de recherche locaux.

Formation interne FabLab du campus de Laval

Formation interne FabLab Date: 24/05/2022 Heure: 10h30 Lieu: FabLab du campus de Laval Intervenant: sebastian SIMON, Iza Marfisi et Marielle DROIN (stagiaire du LIUM) L’équipe IEIAH du LIUM a suivi une formation interne sur la découpe laser et l’impression 3D dans le fabLab du campus de Laval.      

Mixité en informatique

Afternoon of exchanges organized by the Institute of Computer Science Claude Chappe (IC2) around gender diversity in computer science at Le Mans University.   Date : 25/03/22 Time : 13h30 Localization : Le Mans University campus, Eve Building   The goal of this half-day is first to take a look at the current situation within […]


Dialogue Between Researchers and Students to Engage them in the Construction of Knowledge   Nicolas Dugué, Albanne Grill, Anthony Larcher and Théo Mariotte participated to the Déclics meeting with 19 high school students, to exchange about research in computer sciences. These events aim to create a link between researchers and high-school students and take place […]

Fête de la Science

The LIUM at national the Science Fair Date: 9 and 10 October, 2021 Time: 10h00 – 18h00 Localization: Le Mans (Abbaye de l’Epau) et Laval (Laval Virtual Center) Le Mans Artificial Intelligences or AI are present in our daily lives. These technologies allow computers to perform complex tasks, such as speech recognition or object detection […]