Reflections on gender equality in IT


The Institut Informatique Claude Chappe at Le Mans University is organising a half-day discussion on gender equality in IT on 6 July 2023 at 2pm at EVE (Le Mans University campus).

The aim of this half-day event is to discuss what can be done to make IT and digital studies more attractive, by creating a pleasant, egalitarian and safe environment for girls and boys.

  • How can we build bridges from secondary school to university?
  • What materials can teachers and education professionals use to improve and promote good practice?
  • How can we change the image of a course of study that offers high-paying jobs but is little used by girls?

Teachers, education professionals, associations, stakeholders in the IT sector and those responsible for making it attractive to girls are invited to attend this half-day event.


Provisional programme (subject to confirmation of participation):


  • Presentation by Isabelle Collet (G-RIRE Team: Gender, Intersectional Relations, Educational Relations, Vice-President of the Education Sciences Section, University of Geneva)
  • Presentation by Maude Pupin and Mohamed Nassiri (University of Lille): feedback on actions in Lille: group internships for 3rd year students and the introduction of ants (maths-info internships for secondary school girls).
  • Speech by Muriel Brunnet (Head of the Education and Digital Technology programme, Inria’s lead for the “Education and Digital Technology” PEPR, Directorate General for Public Policy Support)
  • Speech by A. Kauffman
  • Speech by Peggy Vicomte
  • 16:00-17:30: Round Table