Meeting between middle school girls and computer science students


The Computer Science department and Ensim welcomed about fifteen students from the 9th grade of the Jean Cocteau high school in Coulaines, who came to meet the female students of the computer science program, as well as various female teachers and researchers working in this field at ENSIM and the Computer Science Laboratory of the University of Le Mans (LIUM).

As part of the actions carried out by the Claude Chappe Institute, this meeting, organized jointly by Nathalie Camelin (teacher-researcher at LIUM and Catherine Cléder (computer science teacher and deputy director of Ensim), aimed to introduce them to the different professions in computer science and digital technology and to promote gender diversity in computer science.

Ms. Toupin, a teacher at Jean Cocteau high school, wanted to promote digital sciences to the 9th grade girls in order to show them the different possibilities of courses in this field and to hopefully arouse their desire to continue their studies.