SpeechBrain (SpeechBrain)

Date: 09/2019 - 12/2021
Funding: Autres
Partners: Mila (Canada), LIA (France), PyTorch, IBM Research AI, fluent.ai (Canada)
URL: https://speechbrain.github.io

LIUM Participant(s):
User PicAnthony Larcher
User PicSylvain Meignier

SpeechBrain is an open-source and all-in-one speech toolkit relying on PyTorch.

The goal is to create a single, flexible, and user-friendly toolkit that can be used to easily develop state-of-the-art speech technologies, including systems for speech recognition (both end-to-end and HMM-DNN), speaker recognition, speech separation, multi-microphone signal processing (e.g, beamforming), self-supervised and unsupervised learning, speech contamination / augmentation, and many others. The toolkit will be designed to be a stand-alone framework, but simple interfaces with well-known toolkits, such as Kaldi will also be implemented.

SpeechBrain is currently under development and has been announced in September 2019. A first alpha version will be available in the next months.