For the last 30 years, Each summer, CLSP organizes and hosts a few international teams for an intensive 6-week research workshop on speech and language engineering. These very successful workshops have had a widespread impact on the Human Language Technology community. Recently, we are beginning to experiment with broadening their reach to adjacent research communities.

In 2023, for its 30th edition, this workshop will be held in Le Mans, France from June 26th to August 4th. It will be co-hosted by the LIUM and Allo-Media.

Each workshop team spends 6 weeks together (after some advance preparation), working in close proximity on some challenging problem or a promising solution technique that has not yet been well studied. Many teams have had a lasting influence on subsequent research and practice through the publications, software, and data that they produce. For many workshop participants, the biggest benefit is the interaction with other researchers, seeding new and lasting collaborations.

The workshops also contribute to the pool of trained specialists in the fields of speech and natural language processing by providing immersive training to undergraduate and graduate students, allowing researchers from different backgrounds to learn from one another, and educating all workshop participants through guest lectures, participant seminars, and team research updates.
All details are available on the JSALT2023 website.

An event whose ambition is also to transmit

In addition to the workshop reserved exclusively for registered researchers, a number of other highlights are planned to help students understand or develop their knowledge of Artificial Intelligence.

Teams from the Institut d’Informatique Claude Chappe and the University’s Scientific Culture Unit have come up with a number of activities for 4th year pupils from the Joséphine Baker and Bérengère de Navarre collèges in Le Mans. Together, and thanks to AI, they will have to reproduce an extract from a fresco created by the artist Sarah Lembo. See the dedicated article here.
The general public will be able to discover the works created during the Plein Champ festival.

A summer school will also be open from 12 June 2023 to around thirty PhD and Masters students.
Over a two-week period, they will be able to work alongside leading international specialists in the field of AI. The aim? To become the experts of tomorrow!