Transdisciplinary Analysis of French Newsreels (1945-1969) (Antract)

Date : 10/2017 - 03/2022
Financement : ANR
Appel : Generic
Partenaires : INA (France), EURECOM (France), Voxolab (France), CHS (France)

The general objective of the ANTRACT project is the analysis of the images and sounds produced weekly in the framework of an independent company created in 1945, les Actualités françaises (French News), over twenty five years. This major cinematographic vector, already partially worked, has never been the subject of a systematic analysis. Thanks to recent technological tools for the analysis of textual and audiovisual contents, image, video and sound analysis, automatic speech transcription and textometry in particular, the aim is to provide the scientific community with new analysis frameworks.

The project presents both fundamental research dimensions for historical research and for its transdisciplinary approach, as well as the dimensions of experimental development for technological work, which largely involves adapting the tools of the partners to the uses and the data of the project. The choice is made to deposit it as an experimental development project.