Corpus: PASTEL (Corpus PASTEL)Author(s): Salima MdhaffarYannick EstèveAntoine LaurentNathalie CamelinLe corpus PASTEL consiste en une collection de cours de différents domaines informatique (traitement automatique des langues, introduction à l’informatique, etc) en première année de licence d’informatique à l’Université de Nantes. Il est constitué de cours qui proviennent de deux sources : le projet COCo (Comin Open […]


Software: TurtleTablet (TurtleTablet)URL: Iza MarfisiSébastien GeorgeMarc LeconteTurtleTablet est un jeu collaboratif pour s’initier aux bases de la programmation. Pour favoriser une réelle collaboration entre les joueurs, le jeu peut être joué avec deux objets physiques (pièces tangibles) reconnus sur l’écran de la tablette. TurtleTablet est un jeu issu des travaux de recherche du Laboratoire […]


Corpus: ArSentimentAnalysis (ArSentimentAnalysis)GitHub: Author(s): Amira BarhoumiNathalie CamelinYannick EstèveLe package ArSentimentAnalysis comprend un ensemble de ressources permettant de concevoir et évaluer un système d’analyse d’opinions en arabe. Le package contient: Des ensembles d’embeddings spécifiques à l’arabe pré-entrainés Le lexique polarisé ArSentLex 1/ Ensembles d’embeddings spécifiques à l’arabe : Les embeddings pré-entrainés existants représentent un mot […]


Corpus: AlloSat (AlloSat)Licence: creative CommonsAuthor(s): Manon MacaryMarie TahonAnthony RousseauYannick EstèveThe corpus, named AlloSat, is composed of real-life call center conversations in French and is continuously annotated in frustration and satisfaction. This corpus has been set up to develop new systems able to model the continuous aspect of semantic and paralinguistic information at the conversation level. […]


Corpus: Multi30k Dataset (Multi30k)Licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 InternationalGitHub: Loïc BarraultOzan CaglayanFethi BougaresThe Flickr30K Dataset contains 31,014 images sourced from online photo-sharing websites (Young et al., 2014). Each image is paired with five English descriptions, which were collected from Amazon Mechanical Turk2. The dataset contains 145,000 training, 5,070 development, and 5,000 test descriptions. The Multi30K dataset […]


Corpus: Tunisian Sentiment Analysis Corpus. (TSAC)Licence: GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0GitHub: Fethi BougaresSalima MdhaffarYannick EstèveAbout 17k user comments manually annotated to positive and negative polarities. This corpus is collected from Facebook users comments written on official pages of Tunisian radios and TV channels namely Mosaique FM, JawhraFM, Shemes FM, HiwarElttounsi TV and Nessma […]


Software: TGRIS-toolAuthor(s): Iza Marfisi TGRIS : Teacher-Guided Realistic Interview Simulator   TGRIS is a Virtual Reality tool to simulate emotionally intense interviews.   The trained PC sits on a chair and talks directly to the ACA through a VR headset. Thanks to high performance headphones, he/she is completely cut off from the surroundings. Before starting […]


Corpus: Topic Segmentation (FrNewsLink)URL: package allows to adress several applicative tasks in the domain of topic and titling segmentation. It is compososed of a set of resources from a varied corpus of French Broadcast News (BN) and press articles. Due to broadcasting rights, this package does not contain videos or audios files. The corpus […]

TED-LIUM Release 3

Corpus: TED-LIUM Release 3Licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 (attribution/non-commercial/no-derivatives)Author(s): François FernandezVincent NguyenSahar GhannayNatalia TomashenkoYannick EstèveThis is the TED-LIUM corpus release 3, licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 (   All talks and text are property of TED Conferences LLC.   This new TED-LIUM release was made through a collaboration between the Ubiqus company and the […]

TED-LIUM Release 2

Corpus: TED-LIUM Release 2Licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 (attribution/non-commercial/no-derivatives)Author(s): Anthony RousseauPaul DelégliseYannick EstèveThis is the TED-LIUM corpus release 2, licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 (   The TED-LIUM corpus was made from audio talks and their transcriptions available on the TED website. We have prepared and filtered these data in order to train acoustic […]