Design and evaluation of educational virtual environments: application to vocational training

Starting: 01/01/2017
PhD Student: Pierre Gac
Advisor(s): Paul Richard (LARIS, équipe ISISV), Sébastien George (LIUM - IEIAH)
Co-advisor(s): Emmanuelle Richard (LARIS, équipe ISISV)
Funding: CIFRE (entreprise DEC industrie)

The first scientific objective of the thesis concerns the design and development of a software tool enabling the simple configuration of educational scenarios of different complexities (authoring tool). This tool will offer various specific virtual environments (3D scenes) as well as standardised tools that can be imported into applications to simulate different tasks or activities. A module for visualizing the performance and behaviour of learners will be developed in order to carry out debriefing sessions with the teacher or in group. The second objective deals with the use of VR systems in education. It concerns in particular the ergonomic evaluation and acceptability of such tools, by teachers and students. It also concerns the definition and implementation of recommendations to reduce sensory and sensorimotor conflicts, which can have a significant influence on the performance and behaviour of users. This second objective will be achieved through the implementation of various experiments involving experts, teachers and students.