The LIUM at the European Researchers’ Night

Date: 30/09/2022
Time: de 18h to midnight
Localization: Les Quinconces

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Artificial intelligence is present in our daily lives. These technologies based on learning models from data allow machines to perform complex tasks.
We believe that machines and their algorithms are objective and that they provide their decisions with almost absolute certainty. In truth, everything is prediction. So come and discover with the Language and Speech Technology team how the unexpected can creep into our machines through several AI developed in the laboratory. For example, a synthetic voice speaking English with a strong Berber accent, the appearance of surprises in a word cloud, the recognition of a zebra in a striped t-shirt…


Researchers around the world are used to collaborating remotely through email, video conferencing and shared documents. But spending two months in the same room is the most effective way to work together, develop new ideas and make rapid progress. This summer, for 8 weeks, the ESPERANTO project brought together 27 researchers and 2 engineers from 7 countries to improve the ability of machines to translate speech into multiple languages.
Come and listen to the story of this escape game!