Innovative Interactions for collaboratif situated learning

Starting: 01/10/2021
PhD Student: Sebastian SIMON
Advisor(s): Sébastien GEORGE
Co-advisor(s): Iza MARFISI
Funding: ANR

This project is at the intersection of situated learning and computer supported collaborative mobile learning.

Its context are school trips supported by geographic maps.

We conceive a novel solution of shared spaces with smartphones, thus broadening economical availability.

Our design offres the SPART innovative interaction (see vidéo below) that can augment maps with virtual information depending on the context and the storyline of the school trip.

Another functionality of this solution will be the possibility to manage different groups during the trip.

End user testing and experimentations are scheduled for 2022 and 2023. Results will be used for the creation of an advanced model of group interactions around and through such a shared space. Not only will such a model enhance future designs, but also will be essential for future designs of storylines that, by design, encourage collaborative learning.

This thesis is part of the ANR JCJC SituLearn project.