Am I collaborating well?

Date: 05/07/2022
Heure: 10h
Lieu: Salle de réunion CERIUM Laval and Zoom
Intervenant: Sambit PRAHARAJ

Collaboration is a 21st century super skill. The detection of collaboration quality can help to support collaboration. This presentation addresses the automatic collaboration quality detection in a face-to-face setting in 3 different steps by summarizing my doctoral thesis:
  1. to define the components to detect collaboration quality using audio data;
  2. to explain the design of a sensor-based set up for automatic collaboration analytics using natural language processing, topic modelling, speech content analytics and learning analytics measures;
  3. to move towards quantifying the quality of collaboration by using the automatic collaboration analytics set up and show these analysis using meaningful visualizations on an interactive dashboard consisting of network graphs.
In addition to it, we address the challenges and issues at hand and how can solutions be built upon the work already done in this doctoral thesis.


Sambit was able to come to France thanks to the “Trampoline grant” of the Pays de la Loire region obtained by Iza Marfisi and endorsed by Sébastien GEORGE.


=> Dowload the presentation slides here