Salima Mdhaffar

Thematic segmentation of automatic transcriptions and enrichment of educational documents in a lecture contextStarting: 23/01/2017PhD Student: Salima MdhaffarAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Antoine Laurent (LIUM, LST), Nicolas Hernandez (LS2N), Solen Quiniou (LS2N)Funding: ANR PASTEL ProjectThis thesis is a part of the PASTEL project (Performing Automated Speech Transcription for Enhancing Learning), which aims to explore the […]

Florent Desnous

Variable context modeling for speaker recognitionStarting: 03/10/2016PhD Student: Florent DesnousAdvisor(s): Sylvain Meignier (LIUM – LST)Co-advisor(s): Anthony Larcher (LIUM – LST)Funding: Contrat DoctoralThe aim of this thesis is to develop variable context speaker models (scalable) that integrate phonetic information produced by the speaker. These models will be learned on a significant amount of enrollment data (> […]


MAGMATDate: 10/2016 – 10/2019Funding: DGA/DGFCall: RapidPartners: Airbus D&S (France), Voxygen (France)URL: Participant(s): Loïc BarraultWalid AransaLe projet MAGMAT vise à définir et mettre en œuvre une méthodologie agile et incrémentale de développement en temps contraint d’un système de traduction le la parole vers la parole. Sur le plan du développement de langues, deux objectifs principaux […]


PASTELDate: 10/2016 – 04/2021Funding: ANRCall: Interactions, Robotique, Contenus / Automatique, signal 2016Partners: Orange Lab (France), cren (France), LS2N (France)URL: Participant(s): Christophe ChoquetAntoine LaurentVincent BettenfeldNathalie CamelinChristophe DesprésMadeth MaySalima MdhaffarLahcen OubahssiClaudine Piau-ToffolonAsmaa DarouichRémi VenantPASTEL is a research project that aims to explore the potential of real time and automatic transcriptions for the instrumentation of mixed educational […]

Adrien Bardet

Multilingual Neural Architectures for Natural Language ProcessingStarting: 01/09/2016PhD Student: Adrien BardetAdvisor(s): Sylvain Meignier (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Loïc Barrault (LIUM, LST) & Fethi Bougares (LIUM, LST)Funding: M2CRThe objective of this thesis is machine translation through multilingual neural systems. The effectiveness of these approaches as already been shown in monolingual machine translation where you translate from a single […]

Kévin Vythelingum

Joint, fast, and effective building of multilingual systems for speech recognition and synthesisStarting: 15/03/2016PhD Student: Kevin VythelingumAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Anthony Larcher (LIUM, LST) & Olivier Rosec (Voxygen)Funding: CIFRE (Voxygen)Speech technology development was split through a few reseach centers, each working on a small number of languages. The problem of fast development of new […]

Edwin Simonnet

Spoken Language Understanding for human-computer interactionStarting: 01/10/2015PhD Student: Edwin SimonnetAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Nathalie Camelin (LIUM, LST)Funding: Projet Européen (JOKER) / RégionThis thesis work is done in connection with the European project JOKER (JOKe and Empathy of a Robot/ECA: Towards social and affective relations with a robot). This project is funded by the program […]


Multilingual Multimodal Continuous Representation for Human Language Understanding (M2CR)Date: 06/2015 – 06/2019Funding: AutresCall: ChisteraPartners: MILA (Canada), CVC (Espagne)URL: Participant(s): Loïc BarraultFethi BougaresNathalie CamelinYannick EstèveMercedes García MartínezSahar GhannayAdrien BardetOzan CaglayanCommunication is one of the necessary condition to develop intelligence in living beings. Humans use several modalities to exchange information: speech, written text, both in many […]

Natalia Tomashenko

Speaker adaptation of deep neural network acoustic models using Gaussian mixture model framework in automatic speech recognition systems.Starting: 01/12/2014PhD Student: Natalia TomashenkoAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM – LST)Co-advisor(s): Anthony Larcher (LIUM – LST)Funding: Differences between training and testing conditions may significantly degrade recognition accuracy in automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems. Adaptation is an efficient way to […]

Mercedes García Martínez

Factored Neural Machine TranslationStarting: 01/10/2014PhD Student: Mercedes García MartínezAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Loïc Barrault (LIUM, LST) & Fethi Bougares (LIUM, LST)Funding: This work was partially funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) through the CHIST-ERA M2CR project, under the contract number ANR-15-CHR2-0006-01Communication between humans across the lands is difficult due to the diversity […]