The LIUM at the European Researchers’ Night

Date: 24/09/2021
Time: 18h00 – 23h00
Localization: Les Quinconces, Le Mans

Artificial intelligence is present in our daily lives. These technologies are based on learning models from data, allowing machines to perform complex tasks. Come and discover with the LIUM Language and Speech Technology team, the journey of data through several AI developed in the laboratory (automatic recognition of objects from a webcam, automatic recognition of speech). This will be an opportunity to discuss with researchers while analyzing your voice.


Foreign language perception
Learning foreign languages is not easy: not only grammar and vocabulary require effort, but also the perception of foreign sounds. Based on listening to different words, the presented experiment highlights the fact that perceiving the sounds of a foreign language is not as easy as in one’s native language since each language has its own sound system (vowels, consonants, prosody).


Who is talking and when?
One of LIUM’s specialties is being able to automatically determine who is speaking when from an audio signal recorded on a TV set, for example. The platform presented at the Researchers’ Night allows a human to correct the output of any automatic speaker segmentation and clustering system.


This is a pipe (or a girafe?)
How can an AI recognize the presence of a giraffe or a bus from a webcam? LIUM researchers deconstruct the AI myth, learning data and models used, in front of you, using an automatic object recognition system. Come and test for yourselves by choosing your own objects.

Speed Searching – Iza MARFISI

On Thursday 23rd, Saterday 25th and Sunday 26th of September, come meet the French reserchers ! From your living room, discover their stories related to their travels, reserch and field work!
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