Enhancing Situated learning with collaborative Games and Mixed reality (SituLearn)

Date: 05/2021 - 04/2024
Funding: ANR
Call: ANR - JCJC - 2020
URL: https://situlearn.univ-lemans.fr/


situlearn principe

The SituLearn project aims to help teachers, at all educational levels, enhance their field trips with smartphone applications. The first objective is to design a collaborative Learning Game model that can adapt to any type of field trip. This model will be integrated into an authoring tool, allowing teachers to create their own Learning Games. The second objective is to create Mixed Reality interactions on a geographical map to facilitate collaborative learning. Through their smartphone, the students will be able to see the position of the other students and information on the points of interest. The teachers will also be able to monitor their students’ whereabouts and progress. This project will involve researchers in computer science and educational sciences and will follow a design-based research method in collaboration with teachers and their students. The tools developed will be freely accessible and annual training workshops will be organized for teachers and future teachers.


More information – > project website