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Study of Mobile Augmented Reality for Teaching Fractions (SMART-Fractions)

Date: 09/2020 - 09/2024
Funding: Autres
Call: financement d'entreprise
Partners: Plaisir Maths
URL: https://smart-fractions.univ-lemans.fr/fr/index.html


The objective of the SMART-Fractions project is to carry out a study on the educational impact of a board game and its digital extensions for teaching fractions in primary school.

The project is conducted by researchers of LIUM, the computer science research Lab of Le Mans Univertity (France), in collaboration with the Plaisir Maths association. It is built on the latter’s experience in designing l’Atelier des Potions, a board game on fractions, currently used by more than 2000 families and Schools all over France.

This game will be enhanced with several digital extensions applications, including Augmented Reality technology to facilitate learning fractions. These apps are designed, developed and tested in classes thanks to a multidisciplinary team.


Find out more on the project’s WebSite : https://smart-fractions.univ-lemans.fr/en