Presentation of Raquel COELHO on AI for Education

Date : 16/01/2024
Heure : 10h
Location : visio link

Speaker : Raquel COELHO is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) at the University of Bergen, Norway. She holds a PhD in Learning Sciences and Technology Design combined with Education Data Science from Stanford University. Raquel is also actively involved in research projects at both Stanford University and Columbia University. Her research, rooted deeply in sociocultural theories of learning, examines novel applications of text analytics and text generation technologies in education contexts.

Title : Emerging Computational Language Technologies in Higher Education: Insights from Biology and Computer Science

Description : In this presentation, I will briefly discuss two current studies exploring the use of emergent language generation technologies by students in higher education, with a focus on the fields of biology and computer science. My goal is to receive feedback and engage in collective brainstorming on potential approaches for effectively leveraging computational language technologies, particularly text and code generation tools, in undergraduate computer science education.