Salima Mdhaffar

Thematic segmentation of automatic transcriptions and enrichment of educational documents in a lecture contextStarting: 23/01/2017PhD Student: Salima MdhaffarAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Antoine Laurent (LIUM, LST), Nicolas Hernandez (LS2N), Solen Quiniou (LS2N)Funding: ANR PASTEL ProjectThis thesis is a part of the PASTEL project (Performing Automated Speech Transcription for Enhancing Learning), which aims to explore the […]

Pierre Gac

Design and evaluation of educational virtual environments: application to vocational trainingStarting: 01/01/2017PhD Student: Pierre GacAdvisor(s): Paul Richard (LARIS, équipe ISISV), Sébastien George (LIUM – IEIAH)Co-advisor(s): Emmanuelle Richard (LARIS, équipe ISISV)Funding: CIFRE (entreprise DEC industrie)The first scientific objective of the thesis concerns the design and development of a software tool enabling the simple configuration of educational […]

Pierre-Alexandre Broux

Speaker recognition on large scale in audiovisual media, in interaction with human annotatorStarting: 03/10/2016PhD Student: Pierre-Alexandre BrouxAdvisor(s): Sylvain Meignier (LIUM – LST)Co-advisor(s): David Doukhan, Simon Petitrenaud (LIUM – LST) & Jean Carrive (INA Expert)Funding: CIFRE (ina EXPERT)La thèse proposée s’articulera autour de la reconnaissance de locuteurs à large échelle dans les archives radio et télévisuelles […]

Florent Desnous

Variable context modeling for speaker recognitionStarting: 03/10/2016PhD Student: Florent DesnousAdvisor(s): Sylvain Meignier (LIUM – LST)Co-advisor(s): Anthony Larcher (LIUM – LST)Funding: Contrat DoctoralThe aim of this thesis is to develop variable context speaker models (scalable) that integrate phonetic information produced by the speaker. These models will be learned on a significant amount of enrollment data (> […]

Vincent Bettenfeld

Uninterrupted design process of innovative computer-based tools : application to automatic transcription in technology enhanced learning environmentsStarting: 01/10/2016PhD Student: Vincent BettenfeldAdvisor(s): Christophe Choquet (LIUM – IEIAH)Co-advisor(s): Claudine Piau-Toffolon (LIUM – IEIAH), Raphaëlle Crétin-Pirolli (Centre de Recherche en Éducation de Nantes)Funding: ANRThe thesis objective is the proposition of a methodology guiding users in the instrumentation of […]

Damien Brun

A multimodal interactive augmented reality system aware of context. (Toward a human-machine symbiosis)Starting: 01/09/2016PhD Student: Damien BrunAdvisor(s): Sébastien George (LIUM – IEIAH) & Charles Gouin-Vallerand (LICEF de l’Université du Québec)Co-advisor(s): Funding: CRSNG (Conseil de Recherches en Sciences Naturelles et en Génie du Canada)In a similar way than smartphones augmented reality eyewear devices are poised to […]

Adrien Bardet

Multilingual Neural Architectures for Natural Language ProcessingStarting: 01/09/2016PhD Student: Adrien BardetAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Loïc Barrault (LIUM, LST) & Fethi Bougares (LIUM, LST)Funding: M2CRThe objective of this thesis is machine translation through multilingual neural systems. The effectiveness of these approaches as already been shown in monolingual machine translation where you translate from a single […]

Kévin Vythelingum

Joint, fast, and effective building of multilingual systems for speech recognition and synthesisStarting: 15/03/2016PhD Student: Kevin VythelingumAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Anthony Larcher (LIUM, LST) & Olivier Rosec (Voxygen)Funding: CIFRE (Voxygen)Speech technology development was split through a few reseach centers, each working on a small number of languages. The problem of fast development of new […]

Alexis Conneau

Learning and applications of distributed multilingual representationsStarting: 01/10/2015PhD Student: Alexis ConneauAdvisor(s): Paul Deléglise (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Loïc Barrault (LIUM, LST), Holger Schwenk (Facebook)Funding: CIFRE (Facebook)Learning and applications of distributed multilingual representations

Edwin Simonnet

Spoken Language Understanding for human-computer interactionStarting: 01/10/2015PhD Student: Edwin SimonnetAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Nathalie Camelin (LIUM, LST)Funding: Projet Européen (JOKER) / RégionThis thesis work is done in connection with the European project JOKER (JOKe and Empathy of a Robot/ECA: Towards social and affective relations with a robot). This project is funded by the program […]