Jean Delest D. DJADJA

Modeling and analysis of motions and technical gestures in virtual environment for learning and trainingStarting: 01/10/2018PhD Student: Jean Delest D. DJADJAAdvisor(s): Sébastien George (LIUM – IEIAH)Co-advisor(s): Ludovic Hamon (LIUM – IEIAH)Funding: Bourse MinistérielleOur work regards the learning of technical gestures in Virtual Environments (VE) by learners and evaluated by teachers. We propose a method for  […]

Yevhenii Prokopalo

Autonomous lifelong learning intelligent systems Starting: 01/09/2018PhD Student: Yevhenii ProkopaloAdvisor(s): Anthony LarcherCo-advisor(s): Loic BarraultFunding: Chist-ERAThe goal of the ALLIES project is to encourage and demonstrate the development of autonomous systems, able to sustain performance across time according to a given learning scenario. A learning scenario defines the importance given to the performance on “past” and […]

Manon Macary

Massive and real-time data analysis in order to extract semantic and emotional information from speechStarting: 02/05/2018PhD Student: Manon PinelAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Maris Tahon (LIUM, LST) & Anthony Rousseau (Allo-Media)Funding: CIFRELes principaux objectifs de cette thèse sont de concevoir, implémenter et expérimenter des approches neuronales end-to-end dédiées à des tâches d’extraction d’informations sémantiques de […]

Paul Tardy

Neural approaches for abstractive text summarizationStarting: 01/09/2017PhD Student: Paul TardyAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM – LST)Co-advisor(s): Funding: CIFRE, Financière du CaroubierThis thesis aims at developping Neural approaches for abstract summarization of speech transcripts with a view to developing an automatic solution for abstract summarization of speech transcripts.

Antoine Caubrière

Deep neural networks for oral and written language processingStarting: 04/09/2017PhD Student: Antoine CaubrièreAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Antoine Laurent (LIUM, LST) & Emmanuel Morin (LS2N)Funding: RAPACE ProjectThe aim of this thesis is to develop a named entity recognition system in an audio stream that will rely solely on a deep neural network. Until now, this […]

Malik Koné

Visualization of the collaborative dynamics of learners in the MOOCs contextStarting: 01/09/2017PhD Student: Malik KonéAdvisor(s): Sébastien Iksal (LIUM – IEIAH), Souleyman Oumtanaga (LARIT-INPHB, Côte d’Ivoire)Co-advisor(s): Madeth May (LIUM – IEIAH)Funding: Campus France (50%) + fonds propres (50%)Socio-constructivism and connectivism theories pinpoint the importance of collaboration for learning.  Nevertheless, the online social interactions underlying the collaboration […]

Oussema Madhi

Pattern-based virtual learning object platform : a new solution to facilitate the design and operationalization of pedagogical simulations in VRLEStarting: 01/09/2017PhD Student: Oussema MadhiAdvisor(s): Sébastien Iksal (LIUM – IEIAH)Co-advisor(s): Lahcen Oubahssi (LIUM – IEIAH)Funding: Laval Agglomération et Conseil Départemental de la MayenneWith the emergence of virtual reality, computing offers new experiences for users thanks to […]

Amira Barhoumi

Towards a hybrid approach for Arabic Sentiment AnalysisStarting: 03/10/2016PhD Student: Amira BarhoumiAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Nathalie Camelin (LIUM, LST) & Lamia Hadrich Belguith (MIRACL, Tunisie)Funding: Agreement “Cotutelle Convention” (LIUM, LST) & (MIRACL, Tunisie)Sentiment analysis is a growing field of research and has been subject of numerous studies. This thesis aims at designing a hybrid […]

Salima Mdhaffar

Thematic segmentation of automatic transcriptions and enrichment of educational documents in a lecture contextStarting: 23/01/2017PhD Student: Salima MdhaffarAdvisor(s): Yannick Estève (LIUM, LST)Co-advisor(s): Antoine Laurent (LIUM, LST), Nicolas Hernandez (LS2N), Solen Quiniou (LS2N)Funding: ANR PASTEL ProjectThis thesis is a part of the PASTEL project (Performing Automated Speech Transcription for Enhancing Learning), which aims to explore the […]

Pierre Gac

Design and evaluation of educational virtual environments: application to vocational trainingStarting: 01/01/2017PhD Student: Pierre GacAdvisor(s): Paul Richard (LARIS, équipe ISISV), Sébastien George (LIUM – IEIAH)Co-advisor(s): Emmanuelle Richard (LARIS, équipe ISISV)Funding: CIFRE (entreprise DEC industrie)The first scientific objective of the thesis concerns the design and development of a software tool enabling the simple configuration of educational […]